I didn’t always spend hours and hours trawling through Youtube for footage. I used to kind of dismiss it. I wonder when it became so integral to my enjoyment of the internet, because now I’m constantly streaming Youtube through my TV to the chagrin of my partner, who hates watching weird pointless stuff. It’s not pointless though, is it! Some of the best stuff is on there. Take this for example.

The Cardiacs were a very theatrical punk band, who was known for their over the top stage shows, and zappaesque off-beat music. A bit more together than some of the punk coming out at that time, (and the acid house scene which had it’s fair share of freaks) but it’s still a fascinating band to go back to. Look at them all, dressed up like some sort of new-wave Casey Tatums, smashing into each other like they hate themselves and the world around them. Do you know of a band still going today that acts this freaky, and are actually good?



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