I first heard about Beach House when ‘Bloom’ was released a few years ago. The album is a perfect combonation of dreamy synths and pop, but still keeps it’s integrity by being dirgey as well. Their guitars sound like magnets, flipping over each other for no other reason to make a beautiful sound. My true fanboy exploded out after this video was released, directed by Eric Wareheim. It’s all i can think about now when I hear the song ‘Wishes’.

Years pass and you sort of fall out of listening to a band’s new music. It’s not out of the question for you to think upon a new release “Ah, well the last album was so good, I don’t need to rush into this one.” This is what i did for the first couple weeks after ‘Depression Cherry’ was released (what an awesome album title) but I heard ‘Beyond Love’ on the off chance and was blown away by how emotionally stirring it was. I had to snatch it up NOW, which i did.

I was surprised when I found out about their other album of 2015 – ‘Thank you our lucky stars’. I almost didn’t believe it. How can a band find time to release two albums a year, so close to each other and still make them good? Beach house has managed to successfully do this. I listened to it all last week, over and over – just getting me more and more pumped about the band. The opening track ‘Majorette’ has all the defining quirks of why I love this dream-pop band. They inspire me to no limit with every one of there releases. This is why you should listen to Beach House.


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