/r/The_Donald – Genuine support forum or super meta 4Chan joke?

A rare donald appeared!
A rare Donald appeared!

The internet is at war with itself over the current political climate in the U.S, as the left and right shout down at each other, with neither listening to the opposite opinions. We just had to look up what SJW’s meant (Social Justice Warrior) which is alarming, as the rhetoric descends into a whirlpool of insults and accusations of racism,both left wing commentators using “Bernie Bots” to discredit followers of the Kind old Grandpa of the race, Bernie Sanders.

Trump has divided a nation and split the GOP, but it doesn’t mean anything when you can still make fun of the man on the internet on special place called 4Chan. The channers have been long supporting Trump on /pol/, the politics messageboard, and were ironically supporting him by crafting memes and support messages (Coining “Can’t stump the Trump!”), so much that Trump late last year sent them a Thumbs up for helping fight the good fight. Where to go next? 4Chan’s uptight younger brother, Reddit. While there is already a couple subreddits claiming to be the ‘official’ Trump domain such as /r/donaldtrump it lacks the huge surge in popularity  /r/The_Donald has been receiving over the past month, with over 90,000 subscribers.


Reddit is generally quite a liberal community, and when a right-wing sub gains traction, it’s hard not to be suspicious. The_Donald fits right into that category, which features some content that looks as though it’s pushing the agenda, and then a bizarre range of memes, ranging from ‘Fake-out’ quotes (“Barack Obama said that about Muslims?) to ‘Rare Donalds’ which are special Pokemon cardesque versions of the trumpster. Users of the forum are called ‘Centipedes’ and enemies are ‘cuckservatives’. The whole faux supporting Trump thing started off as a joke, but the offical Trump campaign has shared videos from The_Donald, and it has become one of reddit’s most viewed pages, with 52 Million views last month. The official Trump supporters are Furious, and can barely see the thing as a joke.

With 4chan trolls and with abusive moderators, our subreddit offers a clean alternative for those who want to maturely and appropriately discuss Donald Trump’s run for president.

We will be revamping some of this subreddit and how we operate in the coming days, but this is just an example of how bad the other Trump subreddit is becoming with abusive hypocritical moderators at the helm. It’s kind of like/r/VoteTrumpYouLoser!

Let’s Make America Great Again TOGETHER, not with tons of bans!

The opposing 4Chan reddit has responded to this earnest post with typical, good old fashioned trolling.

a small loan of a million trolls

It’s at a political balance that cancels itself out. Make a fake subreddit pretending to support the big guy, piss off all his supporters in the process. By doing this you bring a bit of levity to the whole political debate, in a time where everyone is down each others throats. At least this is a joke, and a funny one at that. It’s trolling for Trump, where everyone is probably of a liberal persuasion, but is sick of all the drama surrounding this year’s election. The constant bickering and protests and clashing – it’s headache inducing. So why not sit back and relax and look at some rare Donalds?

Rare Donald, date Unknown.
Rare Donald, date Unknown.

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