“I can’t understand why black people started eating watermelon in the closet”

Petey Greene was a civil rights activist, shock jock, and Emmy award winner, known for being one of Howard Stern’s influences. He got his start in prison radio after being convicted for armed robbery, becoming the most popular disc jockey in jail and getting him out in 1966, where he started broadcasting without bars. His show “Petey Greene’s Washington” was on for 6 years between 1976 to 1982 and became the most popular local cable show in Washington D.C. In this clip, Mr. Greene covers a range of topics, racism, guilt and the right way to eat a watermelon. From what people could say is enforcing a racial stereotype, Greene takes glee in debunking the stigma of being a black man who loves watermelon. It’s just a delicious fruit after all, and he refuses to let the images conjured up by white advertisers get him down. There’s also problems with adding salt, liquor, and other unnecessary ingredients that add nothing to the joy of eating a delicious fruit. Petey Greene shows us that there’s no shame in being who you are, even if you look like you’re enforcing stereotypes. As Freud once said “Sometimes a watermelon, is just a watermelon.”


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