Once in a while, a band comes along that has what you were looking for. Quiet guitars in the verse that get heavy for the chorus, an eclectic selection of songs, a japanese singer and a califorian vibe. This band is Deerhoof, and they borrow the best parts from Melt-Banana (the unlistenable noise) and the Pixies ( loud guitar breakdowns) and paint a happy sheen all over it, resulting in music that sounds almost magical. Here’s the title track from 2004’s Milk Man.

Wow, what a great song that was! Well if you want more, you got it! Deerhoof released a new song today, called Debut that’s got a bouncy as hell bassline, a tripped out beat and a cool dirgy guitar sounding like it came out the thrift store. Despite the band not living in the same town, they still managed to make music together with the joys of Skype and home recording. Truly an original, fantastic band.


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