This is one where when I saw it for the first time, I genuinely could not believe something so amazingly kitch and horribly thought out could even get to the production stage, and end up being an oddball portrait of Glasgow in those forgotten days of the 1980s. It’s surprising enough that they had an American Football team back then, but they had the moxie to rip off the “Chicago Shuffle” (as wot my good friend Stefanking69 says they did) and produce a music video. It stars a mustached man, who later moved apparently to go star in some Hollywood movies, but for the most part it displays a life that you couldn’t expect to ever exist in the land of the old firm. Cheerleaders outside of garages, a native team playing a foreign sport that nobody really understands. As they say they are from Glasgow, to play some football, but not the kind you expect from Glasgow. It’s the same thing you think everytime you heard about Scottish (American) Football teams, “Why?” At least the Diamonds were able to preserve the alien existence of American football on our cobbled streets through the medium of pop music, and provide us with this video which makes me so thankful that American Football is still only watched and played by Americans.


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