An update on the crises that we currently face

It’s now been almost a month since the UK held its shambolic EU referendum. Since then, we’ve gotten a new Prime Minister and have been faced with uncertainty of our place in the modern world. It seems that under the conservative government since 2010, we’ve gone backward on all social issues. Hate crime is more prevalent than ever and on the rise in the shadow of a U.S election fuelled by hatred.
It’s fucked. Turkey just had a coup de tat that fell apart overnight, while France swats terrorist flies just as they exit human life, taking a large amount of souls with them. In Pakistan, their equivalent to Kim Kardashian was just strangled to death by her brother in a so called ‘honour killing.’ Things look darker every day and we start to forget about the atrocities that plagued the news cycle only last month. Remember Jo Cox, the MP who got murdered by a right wing nutjob? You probably won’t by the end of the year. It’s soul crushing.
It’s only temporary pain however. There’s always going to be something that makes you forget about this, whether it’s a new video game or an event that brings the slightest glimmer of joy into your life. We all die sooner or later and that’s a slight relief some days. This cycle of bullshit might eventually stop, at least for you. Someone once told me during a discussion “You must be very interested in politics.” My response was “Interested, sort of. Infuriated by, Definitely.” It’s a minefield full of disappointing people who cut each other off at the slightest chance. The left in the U.K has been decimated through a Labour party that can’t stand it’s leader, a man that many people still consider their only real link to the party. A vote of no confidence in their leader, has ensured that the general public has no confidence in any of their other MPs.
It will get better, or it won’t. It probably has always been this bad and we just didn’t realise it. Not just for UK politics, but around the world there is an eternal struggle that sustains itself. Why do people inflict harm on others, and others die for little reason. Why do the marginalised rise up, only to do what was done to them in revenge? We know the answer, but it’s just too depressing to say. Humans are flawed, and as long as we exist, we will keep fucking everything up for someone else out of spite. The government wants to reunite the country, but it’s incredible that anyone thinks that it’s worth saving. Let go of your old passions. They aren’t what you think they are. Find something new, cherish it for as long as you can, because that’s all that matters right now.


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