Goreshit is one of the electronic music scene’s best and most prolific producers. We’ve been listening to his crazy dark beats since 2009, when ‘My love feels all wrong’ was released. His stuff is some of the hardest drum n’ bass, breakcore orientated music you’ll ever listen to, but he has also produced songs of pure beauty such as”just a whisper” a remix of a Ghost in the Shell track. The strangest sub-genre of drum and bass, lolicore was something that goreshit first brought my attention to, and while i wasn’t a fan of all the young anime waifus that became it’s aesthetic, i fell in love with the eardrum destroying music that the genre spawned.

Listen to his latest track, ‘Like it was’ an upbeat jam that brings back old memories of fast paced nineties game music. It reminds me of the Bomberman series’ games on both PSX and N64, which while lackluster games had some kickass music. The second track, ‘on the break train’ is closer to the older and rawer style of music he first released, filled with inspiring D ‘n’ B drops and hooks. We love you, goreshit.



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