I had heard of Frankie Valli, but was completely unfamiliar with his music. ‘The Four Seasons’ sounds such like a generic band name, but maybe that was the point. They would unexpectedly blow your mind away. This happened to me in the past month. I found myself humming a bassline and the golden-sugar keys that dribbled over it as the hushed vocals start to fade in. What was this song, where could i have heard it? I downloaded the apps that let you whistle and hum the songs you’re looking for, I listened to all the songs on my phone and Soundcloud but I still had no idea. I managed to play some of it on the guitar, but that didn’t help. I give up, it’ll come to me eventually.

I was cooking some thing on the stove, maybe some noodles or something unhealthy when my girlfriend turned on the radio. Bam, there it is – the song. I scrambled to find what it was and was delighted that the DAB actually had the song and artist come up for once. Thank you, Radio 6 music. I owe so much to that station, whether it’s rediscovering old punk music we listened to as teenagers, or shit we never ever heard before that could blow our minds. Either way, I found my song. I didn’t know it was a northern soul favorite, but it certainly has that ‘every song feels amazing’ vibe to it. I’ll have to check out their other stuff in the future, but for now all I need is this – a haunting and beautiful song that gets you going for the night-time.



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