Let’s take a moment to never forget 9/11 with some tasty ads

It has been fifteen years since those towers fell, leading the world into a more military minded, conspiracy laden terror aware era. Kind of similar to what happened in the cold war, before 1990. Americans weeped for years, and now on the 15th anniversary, can you remember what it was like or have you forgotten?Have you broken your promise to ‘never forget’? You sick bastard.

These ‘fuckin’ geniuses’ decided it would be a great idea to make an advert where they have a 9/11 sale at their mattress store, jabbing at the sides of the thin ribcage that already is September 11th.

This came from San Antonio in Texas, a place where it’s nearly impossible to gage what they find offensive. Hating Jesus? Offensive. Being gay in public? Probably offensive. Attacks on American Soil? Offensive. But in ‘Jew York City’? Probably not that much. Conspiracy Theories? Probably taught in some Schools as fact. These ‘fuckin’ geniuses’ (my words) have had to shut down their mattress shop probably so it doesn’t get petrol bombed by angry patriots over this weekend. Here’s their apology – futile attempt at saving the business. Rule 1 of offending people : Never apologize.


The ‘9/11 holiday season’ feels almost like the kick off for the holidays in America these days.

September – 9/11 filled goodness, being respectful of those who died, terrorists are scumbags

October – Halloween, lets dress up like sexy Disney characters and get thrown out of nightclubs

November – Thanksgiving. “What the fuck do I have to be thankful for, those fuckin’ floating parade faggots phineas and ferb”

December – Christmas & New Year – I’m so alone.

A big ass, big box store fumbled their shit by making a display of the gleaming towers, out of Coca-Cola company products. Look at it, you got your Dasani in there, a little bit of Sprite, Fanta – the gang’s all here.


This was taken down after spreading on social media. The two corporate giants thought that this was a good way to celebrate 9/11, but no way -it’s gotta go at least 25 years before people don’t care about the cash in on this holiday celebration. It wouldn’t probably be such a big deal if it had some other soda products in there, trying to be all inclusive in the world of captialism. Maybe get some Pepsi, some Irn Bru in the mix (jk) but just put Coke cans up there and people are gonna give you hell for it. These companies are on the edge with 9/11 – here’s a big fucking day in modern history, everybody knows about it and has an emotive reaction to it – so how do we tie it in to marketing our products?

And that’s it, that’s why you see shit like this every year, and not one company has gotten away with it yet. Either people are wising up to the fact they don’t like corporate sponsors on holidays that haven’t been around long enough so the ‘true meaning’ is lost, or it actually still really offends people to hear about it.  Every year though, they’ll try it out on a new ad – “hey we know it’s been 15 years ok, just fuckin let us use it already” and the consensus is always “Too soon, never forget, don’t try next year. Maybe in 2020”

A notable example of when everybody lost their shit over 9/11 advertising was when AT&T used the beacons of light for an ad, on their official twitter.


Within the hour, it was taken down. People were mad, the huffpo article accompianying this image stating

No. Just no.

When this came out, I thought it was hilarious. They’ve been waiting to use these marketing tactics probably since the 1st anniversary of the attacks, and they still don’t know when they can use em. Buzzfeed say that a ballet ad  is the only ad to have ever done it right. If you say so Buzzfeed, since you’re such massive fucking experts on planes crashing into buildings. You’re real fuckin’ industry insiders aren’t you Buzzfeed? You know everything about how people feel about everything. I still say that ballet ad is a fucking travesty and NOBODY should be using the attacks to gain publicity. Those girls in their fuckin’ upper east side $300 a pair shoes, they know EVERYTHING there is to know about 9/11. Buzzfeed and New York City Ballet, take a bow – as the most informed, most reliable sources of information concerning the 9/11 attacks and the tastefulness of advertising. You guys fucking nailed it, tastemaster generals of the fucking planet aren’t you.

So we conclude this years look at 9/11. So far nothing has been able to knock 9/11 off the top spot of ‘tragic days in the 21st century’ but tomorrow is another day. Lest we forget.


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