Adam Sandler movies are popular with audiences worldwide, but are they critically acclaimed? No. That doesn’t stop us from beating a dead horse, and making a short that loosely holds focus on his catalogue of widely seen but mostly bad films. That’s not to say that he isn’t a good comedian or a good actor, it’s just that his back catalogue is filled with some terrible films.

Thanks to J.C for being in the film as the part of ‘VapeCop’, part of the larger Sumbarino Cinematic Universe (SCU) and to Jake in his 2.5 second performance as ‘Corpse’. It’s the little people that make these things happen.


Being Left Wing Doesn’t Make You Right, Idiot

Puns aside I find myself increasingly infuriated by the self-hating whingings coming from left wing news media, which was previously my go-to news source. Now the Guardian and Vice have increasing amounts of opinion pieces and decreasing amounts of what could be considered actual news. That in itself, isn’t necessarily something I have a problem with, what really gets my goat is the conviction of these writers and their moral certainty. Also, in a Bad Talk first, I have decided to illustrate this article with my fancy new tablet computer.

Cutting Edge Graphical Skills

When it comes to mocking the news, right wing media has traditionally provided an easy target. Prior to the last few years it seemed very apparent to me that the left wing media sources had more considered articles, which were considerably more nuanced than the ‘SEND BACK THE MUSLIMS’ rhetoric spewed by Richard Littlejohn and his kin. This thunderous insensitivity to virtually all current affairs was an easy source of mockery, and in comparison, the Guardian etc seemed like a voice of reason amidst this media furore.

Like I say, Easy targets.

Obviously, this didn’t last. Hence the writing of this article. The left wing media is now characterised by ‘social justice’ activists, who in an ironic twist predominantly come from a white middle class background. The background of these people is worth bearing in mind when you read some of these articles, for example, the advent of ‘manspreading’ etc, it can quickly be determined that these people are not interested in discussing serious social issues, rather they would rather complain about minor nuisances and cry about it on the internet. Look at a recent Vice article I read entitled ‘Vegetarians don’t care about feminism anymore’ for fucks sake.

There are some obvious high profile examples of this, remember the guy who landed a spaceship on a comment only to be mocked for his allegedly ostracising and misogynist shirt by a bunch of morons? Apparently these people have never seen heavy metal album art before, or indeed, art containing female nudity at all. This compounded by the endless articles I see on Facebook about fat-shaming by billboards, the twitter ‘activists’ and the vitriolic hatred towards anyone who disagrees with their thinking has made it clear to me that enough is enough.

Ran out of things to draw so drew me doing squats.

Not only is this noisy social justice activism pointless and annoying, it is a dangerous rhetoric. Dangerous in the sense that it draws attention away from real, tangible issues in society. For example, every single self-described ‘socially aware’ person in my news feed on Facebook went fucking mental when Roosh V said he was coming to Glasgow. Obviously, Roosh V is a bad dude, point taken, however I do question whether issues such as urban social deprivation, health issues amongst the poorest in society and the ever present heroin epidemic are problems that those people on my Facebook are prepared to address, or at the very least, even give consideration.

The answer is of course no. And after a long period of thought I have my conclusion as to why this is. These people’s beliefs in creating justice in society are not sincerely held. They are capitalised on by those who want to be part of something popular, part of the pointless patting each other on the back for a job well done and spamming Facebook with updates as to how they have changed the world they live in. My problem isn’t necessarily with the Left wing, it is with insincerity, and it just so happens that the left is where this type of self-congratulatory bullshit manifests itself most prominently. If you are too lazy to be the change you want to see in the world, posting it on Facebook isn’t an acceptable alternative. Shutting up is. Fucking morons. They’re all going to get a mortgage and vote Tory in a decade anyway.