Nightmare Challenge is a podcast about things gave us nightmares and still do to this day. When I was a child, everything they showed me on television induced me into a state of paralysis, I couldn’t turn away because there was only 4 channels and only one with any kids telly on. To this day, I can’t stomach the body of work made by Ragdoll Productions. I’m sure you all have things that give you an unsettling feeling in the recesses of your damp, dank mind. Perhaps it was an episode of ‘Boy Meets World’ that just went TOO far? Or perhaps it was a game on the Amiga that everyone told you was ‘mega haunted’.

On this podcast we explore some of the things that made us want to piss our drawers with irrational fear. Surely these things were made with the consideration of their audience of weak children with developing minds, whose ability to draw fear from nothing is at maximum capacity. The mind of a child is a fragile, broken thing, and I don’t know what I would do if I had to go through it all again. Maybe read a book or something. This episode features our co-host Sam Mackeddie, whose own fears include morality tales from the 1930’s and everyone’s favorite ‘Roy Chubby Brown’, a man who on the surface appears to be offensive – but his jokes don’t make enough sense to offend anyone.


Fuck you, Theresa May

I think it might be pretty clear from this video that i don’t like Theresa May. I don’t, nor do i like any of the English Tories, but this was only meant to be a joke. I had this footage of the leaders of the political parties on a table football game, and started to think “oh i could do a short funny thing with these and then the punchline would be theresa may fucked up in calling this election” but as i started to write the song it started to get less silly and more angsty. I did a couple rewrites of the lyrics while sitting on the toilet, and that’s where i do my angriest writing. It turned out kind of funny to me, because she seems like such a laughable, fragile figure who also is a dangerous reactionary. The problem with conservatives is that their views on what the right thing to do for society or the country rarely hold up under the pressure of real life situations. I thought the dumbest thing she said in her campaign was about the terror attacks “Enough is enough.” I had this image of all these radicalised terrorists putting their guns and knives away and shrugging because this woman told them to. The reasons for terror attacks are not always clear, but to then blame something huge and free as the internet for the rise in attacks is ridiculous. The current government doesn’t understand the internet, it scares them. But if you were to schedule it like a drug, you’re only going to put everyone at further risk.

I can’t talk about them for too much because i just get angry. I was happy to see Corbyn finally given the praise he has always deserved and overcome the stabs in the back that the Blairites gave him. It’s why labour has made a comeback in Scotland, they don’t support Scottish labour, because they all seem like a bunch of entitled cunts that can’t be told ‘no’, it’s people like Corbyn they like, somebody who isn’t a stuffy little prick looking down at their constituents.

(Isn’t it weird though how specifically scottish labour are more unlikable than the regular brand? Why did it evolve like that? Just before the election nadia met a bunch of them using a conference room at work and they were treating people like they were on the caste system)

Tim Farron, who cares really. He brought Lib Dem back from the brink, and Clegg got ejected. They fucked up though. They really fucked it with that coalition.

Nicola Sturgeon, we love you. I mean, you’re the best. Whenever somebody criticizes the SNP, they are just mad jealous. I think.

The weird one in the bunch is Ruth Davidson, leader of Scottish Conservative. She always seemed like a walking paradox to me, proud LGBT, remain supporter, – is constantly getting these things dangled in front of her like keys. She doesn’t seem bad, but i still don’t get what to be a scottish conservative is about. It means you like the UK, sure. You don’t like independence, okay. But that was their entire platform this election – just “FUCK THE SNP”. I like the SNP, a lot. Sure they’re maybe a little slow on some things, but you can’t blame them, they’re Scottish. They’re just a bunch of dirty urchin children who grew into those suits.

Ruth Davidson doesn’t really have anything that annoys me, but i feel bad for her. It’s like she seems a little powerless through all this and you don’t really ever get to see what she cares about, why she got into it all. She’s the one tory that i still got sympathy for. but at the same time, i don’t understand how anyone can like the Tories without being an insufferable cunt. I’ve still to meet somebody that was conservative that wasn’t deeply unpleasant to be around.

Misogyny in the Media : Can you do it naked for us?

All Saints newest release, Red Flag
All Saints newest release, Red Flag

The Queens of nineties pop, All Saints came out this week with the revelation that they were asked to do Top of the Pops naked at the request of producers. During an interview to promote their latest album, Red Flag, the girls revealed that they were seen as ‘stroppy’ for not complying for requests to let go of their dignity and perform nude for a room of leering media types. The request came down to a compromise, where the girls pulled their tops down to their shoulders to give the effect of a naked body when filmed from the neck up.

In a male dominated music industry, stories like this are banded around with female artists being portrayed as villainous for not complying with requests that would seem outrageous in any other types of work. At Aye Write! Glasgow Book Festival, Poets Kate Tempest and Holly Mcnish told a very similar story of this kind of treatment happening still today.

Holly Mcnish
Holly Mcnish
Kate Tempest
Kate Tempest

Kate told the audience how she and Hollie had been asked to write a poem for Channel 4’s ‘Random Acts’, a series of 3 minute films produced by artists. After the poem was finished for the programme, the producers came back to the duo and asked if they could do it naked. Tempest and Mcnish then politely declined the offer to continue with the project.

It appears that at the heart of the UK’s big media there is still a problem with asking too much of people, especially women, to go outside their comfort zone for very little benefit to their art. Sexuality is bought and sold cheaply in these circles, and in many cases to satisfy the lecherous desires of producers pulling the strings. There has been a lot of stories about men in the creative industry taking advantage of others recently, (Kesha, Africa Bambatta) so more then ever, we need to keep an open mind about what goes on behind closed doors. Some people are like Tempest, and can shout freely about it because she’s in charge of her own world, but for All Saints, it took years for them to talk about this out of fears of being cut out of the industry – which is completely ridiculous. You shouldn’t fear for your talent to go to waste because somebody wants you naked on TV.

Words by – Leona Dirigibles